XV Bang, Bang, Bang Lyrics

Awesome EP! Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Awesome
  • 2 Chains, Whips & Bars
  • 3 Bang, Bang, Bang
  • 4 Swervin
  • 5 The Most

    (Verse 1)
    Reality's harsh, so I dream through it
    Try to give exhale, and I just breathe through it
    See I can make a hit, no thing to it
    But all y'all do is miss, no ring to it
    What I bring to it's like sheet music that he wrote
    I'm F'in sharp but the lines have brought
    Me nothing but some C notes
    My girl ass never be flat, yo girl look like a minor
    I've been unemployed forever, but this 'bout to get me higher
    To the sky-er, now I test my wings
    I got Victoria's Secret angels doing devilish things
    Tryna mess with a king they say I mainly model
    But I'mma get into acting
    I say go break a leg, you might just get casted
    And they asking why XV?
    At 15 I started rapping. Most of us don't see 21
    So when I was young I made it happen
    Now look they eyes. I'm 26 and I'm fly
    I'm reloaded, I'm reloaded and I'm aimin' til I...

    Sky high, that's where we aim
    We just shootin' for the stars like
    Riiiiight, it will never change
    The sky is where we aim like
    BANG, BANG, BANG. (x2)

    (Verse 2)
    Jackasses thought I was done, hoping I crash in fire
    Still amazed at all the ones that these raps inspire
    Sweet as driving Miss Daisy but streets be driving me crazy
    So I'm feeling just like De Niro in Taxi Driver
    Watching the growth, you see the flow, you see the shows get live-r
    What I gave em was dope, but my new shit get you higher
    I was Richard Pryor to my dreams of Brewster's millions
    Now I refuse and let a few fans be my ceiling
    A Kansas kid with small town hardships
    But flew around those big cities, I'm like Clark Kent
    Astronaut dreams, yeah we knew 'em since
    So I brought my camp, yeah my crews in tents
    We gotta have it, see those stars and gotta grab it
    Goofy nigga with a bad bitch. I think I'm Roger Rabbit
    But I ain't framing a thing but them plaques I get with my rhymes
    I'm reloaded, I'm reloaded and I'm aiming til I'm...


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