Trina Bands A Make Her Dance (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Aha, yeah, trina,
Aha, yeah, trina,
Bands a make me dance, bands a make me dance
Cause bands pay my bills, let me see your bands stretch
While you watch me flex these heels
I'm talking quarter mill, throw it all on the table top
And I bet they get me in the mood to make this ass pop
Now order a case of them bottles, I'ma slide on the pole like a model
I make them watch this ass while I back it up
Or I might do a trick with the bottle
Make a nigga wanna trip with a model
And then toss me a lot of green presidents
When a nigga act, what's my real name?
I tell them who the baddest bitch, you know stretch …my stomach flat
This pussy wet and it's real fat
I make niggas come right back, he done threw me a house and a Maybach

Them bands will make me dance
Them bands will make me split
If you dance and you ain't got bands
Then bitch you need to quit,
Then slide confetti bands like I won the championshit
Burking bags, Luis Vuitton, bad bitch
Bands a make me dance, money make me come
And black cars get me hot, nigga you got one, yeah.

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