Avias Bammin On The Hood Lyrics

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i been hot every since 2010
dont believe me then ask yo little friend
i go harder than a fresh slab of pine wood
spit it hard why my niggaz bammin on the hood
name buzzing like what you get out a newport
roll with niggaz that dont care, ready for court
bout to head to the corner store, get off the porch
5.o. posted up yo that mission abort
i be on my rap shit, flow slammin it
yep um good like nas um a champion
said u got some cash for me gone and mail me it
um on my timberland mix with missy elliott
um da hottest in the game, i be doin thing, dont slow it down, keep bammin
on the hood, bang bang
and i got, that, flow, that make you wanna dance
drink so much, that you freaking wet yo pants
i aint signed cause the industry said im to bright
cant handle what i got to bring to the mic
im attracting more girls than a freaking dike
im sweeping mines/minds of they feet yo a freaking spike
yall should have on your mp3 players by now
at home, layed out, listening on the couch
i have you jumping like a kangaroo with a pouch (boncey noise)
i know this nigga didnt just step on my shoes ouch
i got my chuck tees on with a fitted cap
dog tag necklace around my neck, just so hap
chicks walking down the street and they looking baps
thugs staring at me face to face this nigga can rap
now niggaz keep bangin bangin on the hood
any nigga wanna battle uma show em whats good
haters say im getting more attention that i should
but my bars go harder than a piece of wood

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