Jimmy Buffett Bama Breeze Lyrics

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At the Bama Breeze
You can shoot some pool down there
You can act a fool down there
You can play it cool down there

At the Bama Breeze
You can drink some beer down there
Argue, laugh, and cheer down there
Pass another year down there

Jimmy got caught smoking a joint
Out behind the bar
Sittin' in his car
And they took him to jail
The tip jar paid his bail

In 1984 Mick Jagger
Passed through town
Bought the house a round
Signed his name on the wall
In the ladies bathroom stall, yeah

At the Bama Breeze
I turned 21 down there
Had too much fun down there
Stumbled out with the sun down there

Saturday night the bouncer Grady
Lets the ladies in free with the fake I.D
And the short-enough skirt
Yeah figures what the hell could it hurt

Second set the owner Lulu
Get's up with the band
A beer in her hand
And sings "Freebird" slow
Then she raises a toast
Here's to Ronnie and the boys
Now everybody make some noise!

[Repeat: x2]
At the Bama Breeze
You're one of our own down there
You never drink alone down there
Good God I feel at home down there

Written by: Chris Tompkins, Josh Kear, Mark Irwin
Lyrics © Round Hill Music Big Loud Songs

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