Angry Samoans Ballad of Jerry Curlan Lyrics

Jerry Curlan is nice, sensitive, has lots of friends in Washington
Jerry has a future, is sensitive, and likes meeting people
Suck **** eat queef 'cause i'm tired of ****s *******!!!
Butt****s his mother butt****s his dad eats sister's *****!!!
Is an ******* queer sucks dog ****!!!
Jerry has a future, it is aesthetic, goes to Sacramento
Jerry has friends and people, likes meeting them, and is a very social type
Eat **** **** you is a toilet drinking queer!!!
Pukes through his nose drinks toilet water!!!
Sucks his mother's ******* licks his sister's *****!!!
Butt****s his father butt****s his brother sucks dog **** sucks horsey **** is a queer!!!
Sleeps with midgets drives a Ferrari and sucks *******s!!!
Sucks [black] *******s is a shithead!!!
Sucks puke pukes through his nose drinks toilet water takes it up the *** butt****s his dog sucks horsey **** is a **** freak!!!
You jerk you butt****er!!!
You bastard **** you Jerry Curlan!!!
(insert random screaming throughout)

Written by: Galligan, Turner, Vockeroth

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