Dag Savage feat. ADaD , Gonjasufi & Sahtyre Bad Trip Lyrics

E&J Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Beginning
  • 2 For Oldtimes Sake
  • 3 Twilight
  • 4 Bad Trip
  • 5 D.R.U.G.S.
  • 6 Don't Stop
  • 7 Van Gogh
  • 8 Cali Dreamin
  • 9 F.U.P.M.
  • 10 Milk Box (remix)
  • 11 LL Cool J
  • 12 Wine & Cheese
  • 13 Darlin
  • 14 The Hurt
  • 15 When It Rains
  • 16 The Finish
  • [Verse 1:]
    Ya’ll probly think i’m sniffing white like casper universe of the master
    Get your body fractured, mutilated in plastic
    Off a purple [?] while I light up a cactus
    5 types of acid watch me pour [?]
    They wanna see me jerked outa my shit
    So I beat a nigga dead, in a hearse he was sent
    [?] to every verse that I spit
    Once a nigga eyes close then the words are just shit, shit
    Wild animal slaying rappers like hannibal
    [?]eating pussy like cannibal
    [? line]
    [? line]
    [? line]
    [? line]
    Niggas fronting on the squad get his eyes dotted
    Man crazy in the head, psychi
    Every pill up in this bitch im about it
    I hope i’m not developing a habit
    [ah ah]

    This is a bad trip
    Ohh haa

    [Verse 2:]
    The whole blunt laced with mushrooms
    Dust filled crush filled struggling up in the booth too
    They wanna drive me insane
    Till my screws loose and I can hardly handle ma brain
    This is too rude
    [? line]
    I’m the one that put u out of the pain
    I’m going ku ku
    Just listen
    Bad visions, bad luck
    Bad decision
    Just look at it as reality in high definition
    The dream and the smoke screen
    But i’m having a bad feeling
    I mean they did spike the spikes
    That ain’t nice
    You wanna kill him
    What the fuck
    Fucking what
    Then i’ll be dead
    Live it up
    But they won’t never roll no more bad blunt
    Just do it [?]
    But i’ll be tied
    You’ll be fine as soon as you go inside
    I’ll find the biggest nigga living it
    [?]But i’m a killer, no you ain’t
    And I can do it , no you can't
    Just sit you simple ass down you getting way too high
    Gag napping i just might be developing a habit
    Ha ha haaa

    This is the bad trip ohh high
    I’m on a bad trip, ohhhh! i'm on a bad trip
    Heey! oh im on a bad
    And everybody knows I'm on one

    Ooh haa ! they call me D.a.g S.a.v.a.d.a.d.l.s.e
    D.a.g S.a.v.a.d.a.d.l.s.e

    [Verse 3:]
    Uh huh
    Ay yow
    A said bitch i’m repping LSD
    And I’m in hell helling angel death
    Banked as fuck in a [?] dream
    Heller creek year round call it evergreen
    Pull up to the scene with the baddest bitch you ever seen
    I’m on ma charlie scene it’s me a Dag Savvy
    I keep ma eyes bloodshot and ma pants saggy
    These hoes hopping on ma dick like a beer wagon
    As I just puff puff puff like tha magic dragon
    Swagging steezing zagging bleezing
    Bitch I got da balice and take yo bumper higher sneezing
    [? Line]
    Bet she come up missing she ever let the police in
    All these bitches trippin and hippy flippy and leaning
    I almost sold D but bitch i’m still breathing
    Fuck the world left her with a mouth full of semen
    Woke up in the morning face down on the semen, yeah!!
    Know y’all niggas heard that bitch, oh my God

    This is the bad trip, oh haa
    I’m on a bad trip, ohhhh!! i'm on a bad trip
    Heey!! this is the bad trip

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