Lil Scrappy Bad (That's Her) Lyrics

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(feat. Stuey Rock)

She's bad that's her
That's her that's her
Say that's her that's her
That's her that's her
She knows she's bad
Yeah she knows she's bad
Bad as a mutherfucker (repeats)

She got her own crib
She got her own whip
She got her own ____
So she take her own trip
She got her own swagg
She buy her own bag
And when she hit the mall
She pop her own taggs

And she's so pretty high sidity
She don't need no nigger
And when she's in the club,
Dogg,She buys her own liquor
I mean her own bottle and held
it in the air, she throw her own ones
nigga like hell yea
Look at her walk, She looks just like a diva
if she was a scale
she'd be off the meter
You kno what she says " money aint a thang"
And when she take me out to eat,
she buy the whole thang


She's bad and she got a nice swagg
She hit the mall and and she pop her her tags
A Louis bag, she got that
The Gucci bag, she got that
Yeah she cop because she bout that
She hit the strip club and makes that ass clap
Every time I see her I tell her that's her
A female dime and she got so much swagger
I tell her she can hop inside my yellow Jaguar
And you know I got bricks like a back board
All across the world
Goin grab your passport
You ain't got to ask


Shawty so fine
I wanna fuck her five times
Lame hoes boo us but they are on the side line
What I wanna do to you baby should be a crime
She said she had a ex boyfriend, but he wouldnt
buying her shit, so guess what i did, I took her
out to eat and sent buying all type of shit
A bitch get in her face,she be on that biking shit
She ain't be no one night hore,
she be on that wifey shit
I like this shit...
Thanks to Jasmine AKA Hazel Eyed Cutie for submitting Bad (That's Her) Lyrics.

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