Alice Cooper Bad Place Alone Lyrics

The Last Temptation Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Sideshow
  • 2 Nothing’s Free
  • 3 Lost in America
  • 4 Bad Place Alone
  • 5 You’re My Temptation
  • 6 Stolen Prayer
  • 7 Unholy War
  • 8 Lullaby
  • 9 It’s Me
  • 10 Cleansed by Fire
    CD 2
  • 1 Sick Things
  • 2 Only Women Bleed / Wind‐Up Toy
  • 3 No More Mr. Nice Guy / Billion Dollar Babies
  • 4 Poison
  • 5 Hey Stoopid
  • I'm a creature of the street
    And I rip off all the money
    I was kicked in the teeth
    Shoved face first through a window
    I got a gangland name
    And a teardrop tattooed eye
    They call me Little Caesar in the
    Brotherhood of crime
    I know about the pain
    Dying in an alley with an
    Air-conditioned brain
    I know, it's for real
    Flat lined in an ambulance
    Without a pulse to feel

    Hey blood brother, you're one of our own
    You're as sharp as a razor
    And as hard as a stone
    Hey blood brother, you're bad to the bone
    You're a natural killer
    In a bad place alone

    They call me Smoky Joe
    And I'm as thin as a coroner's needle
    I got a pocket full of rocks
    Man, I shake like a cold chihuahua
    I got a runny nose
    And a road map on my arm
    I blew my gig poking around the gallery
    With someone else's rig
    I know, I understand
    I watch my body hauled off
    By the local garbage man


    We're cool, we're cold
    We're stiff, we're tagged
    We're slabbed, we're croaked
    We're whacked, we're cracked
    We're smoked and cured and
    Slammed and slurred and
    Sliced and diced and put on ice
    Cooked and stewed and badly brewed
    And splattered once or twice

    Hey blood brother

    Written by: Alice Cooper, Bud Saylor, Dan Wexler
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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