The Kingston Trio Bad Man's Blunder Lyrics

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Well early one evenin' I was rolling around
I was feelin' kinda mean I shot a deputy down,
Strolled along home and I went to bed
Well I laid my pistol up under my head

(He strolled along home)
I took my time
(And he went to bed)
Thought I'd sleep some
(Laid his pistrol)
Big 22"
(Up under his head)
I keep it handy

Well early in the mornin' bout the break of day
I figured it was time to make a getaway
Steppin' right along but I was steppin' too slow
Got surrounded by a sheriff down in Mexico

(Well he was steppin' right along)
I were a hot-footin' it
(But he was steppin' too slow)
It was a sultry day
(Got surrounded by a sheriff)
Boxed in
(In Mexico)
I didn't even have a chance to see the country

When I was arrested well I didn't have a dime
The sheriff said, 'Son you're riding free this time
'Where you're going you won't need a cent
'Cause the great state of Texas gonna pay your rent

('Cause where you're going)
I think he means jail
(You won't need a cent)
Well he knows I'm broke
('Cause the great state of Texas)
(Gonna pay your rent)
I'm mighty grateful fellas

Well I didn't have a key and I didn't have a file
Naturally I stayed around until my trial
Judge was an old man, Ninety-three
And I didn't like the way the jury looked at me

(Well the judge was an old man)
Too old
Entirely too old
I didn't like the way,
The jury looked at me
I think they were suspicious

(The judge and jury they did agree)
(They all said murder in the first degree)
(The judge said same)
'Well I dunno whether to hang you or not,
But this here killin' of deputy sheriffs has just naturally got to stop'
(You gotta point there judge)

It was a most unsatisfactory trial
They gave me ninety-nine years on the hard rock pile
Ninety and nine on the hard rock ground
And all I ever did was shoot a deputy down

(Ninety and nine)
It could have been life
(On the hard rock pile)
They might-a hung me
(And all he ever did,
Was shoot a deputy down)
This whole thing has sure been a lesson to me
(Bang! You're dead!)

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