Varsity Fanclub Bad Habit Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Girl I got some things to say
Sit down put your phone away
Don't want no interruptions baby listen
I can't do this something's missing
You always said that you will change
Don't try to cut me off baby
Baby girl you hold me back
I'm out the door that's that

[Pre Hook]
Every time I say I'm gone I prove me wrong
Cause I'm addicted I'm addicted to you

I try and try to leave but I just can't
Let you go cause every single moment
My heart says that I just can't quit
I'm like the ending of a movie that you just don't get
I don't show up late I never forget
You got me running circles in my head
No I can't quit you're my bad habit

[Verse 2]
I know I said I couldn't stay I try so hard to walk away
But girl you got me itching
And got me wishing I could break myself of you
I try to be alone baby but you just take control of me
And I keep tryna hide it
And I deny it I don't need you anymore but

[Pre Hook]


The first step is claiming that I'm wrong
I never take the blame no no
So help me help myself get better
Tell me that I'm yours forever
Are you addicted to me


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