Dynamite Boy Background Lyrics

Hell Is Other People Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Woo-Hoo
  • 2 Watchdog
  • 3 Julie H.
  • 4 By Chance
  • 5 Background
  • 6 Careless
  • 7 Mr. Rite
  • 8 Strange Girl
  • 9 Slow Down
  • 10 Wallflower
  • 11 Always Wrong
  • 12 Uninvited
  • 13 True Shit
  • And I could never come to your side
    I never had the time
    You've never even see me
    And I'm so hardly pacified
    I've never even tried
    Seems like I've been dreaming
    Don't give a damn
    Just who I am
    The no-one man
    At the back of the class
    And you don't know how much I've cried
    How many times I've died
    So no one could hear me
    And you can't see me when I hide
    My conscience is my guide
    Internally screaming
    And I never came to your side
    I've lost all my pride
    And still you can't see me
    And I'm completely petrified
    My brain is almost fried
    From thoughts so endearing

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