Arsonists Backdraft Lyrics

As the World Burns Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Backdraft
  • 3 Shit Ain’t Sweet
  • 4 Pyromaniax
  • 5 Underground Vandal
  • 6 Blaze
  • 7 Venom
  • 8 Frienemies
  • 9 Lt. Worf & Chewbacca
  • 10 Session
  • 11 Shaboing
  • 12 Rhyme Time Travel
  • 13 Live to Tell
  • 14 Seed
  • 15 Lunchroom Take-Out
  • 16 Worlds Collide
  • 17 Flashback
  • 18 D-Sturbed Words
  • 19 Geembo’s Theme
  • 20 Halloween
  • 21 In Your Town
  • BACKDRAFT! We ain't tryin to make you cats laugh
    So talk that, we stack cash (BLAST) how long will rap last
    if it only had corny MC's
    Arsonists settin fires three-sixty degrees, BACKDRAFT!

    Who wanna start a trend, when it shouldn't even be a trend
    to be reckoned with, I think too many MC's are forgettin
    I gather your whole crew, pull your pupils out your nostrils
    Bad, raise my staff like witchcraft, takin em out for talkin back

    BACKDRAFT! My arch enemies I'm fire fightin
    So if you think of takin us out
    your lucky ? expire you may retire
    MC's get passed out like flyers, more dope rhymes than
    Scarface got coke lines
    You couldn't jerk me if you soaked mine

    You get broke nine, in ten different ways, start at your armpiece
    Then we continue
    Plus I won't stop til your whole frame is deceased

    Aiyyo man all your firestations cause these rappers burn through molecules
    It's possible rockin you from your pores to your follicles
    Droppin true skills (WORLDWIDE)
    We rip it unrestricted, my ends terrific
    Label this here, a pyroglyphic

    Got you addicted now you wanna get (high) but you ain't takin flight
    And since you're out, sleepin, sweet dreams, cause we be breakin night
    Creatin tight songs
    One style, is never necessary
    I'm magnificent, better word, would be extrodinary

    We toured through every fort and many thought we couldn't motivate

    So hold your weight, ain't nuttin personal, it's just your flow we hate

    Four-five, ? off, like inferanl
    Damn it's he that makes the minimals that's now bein depleted
    How you sounded is repeated, witcha ? rap that flows to see the
    rhymin as the planet soul of providence..

    So what so MC's know that I go nuts cause I bring hernia pain
    Female MC's always treat me like a vericose vein
    Cause they don't want it
    Plain and simple I break it down like enzymes
    and still got lyrical microbiologists decodin my rhymes
    DNA structure

    Flucuate, great dictation with them
    cross and fadin's and them Krylon illustrations
    We'll head out, it's amazin what be comin out the projects
    like suburban families, cleanin out they hallway closets

    Deposit right into sockets of wannabe model prophets
    And I curse if you don't jock it, I'm stop you doo doo poppin
    You floppin you coppin please, ease up to be the sharpest
    Got you suckers on deez, external my ? is slobbin

    BACKDRAFT! Burning all those, who wannabe copycatters
    That's right
    Trying to score runs on a slam, but they sloppy batters
    Your rhyme bein chopped ? when you're surrounded by lyricists
    I keep my flow difficult, so they're puzzled, when they be hearin this

    I rock it now, so reminisce later, check your data then skate a
    search around the world like the equator
    So get your BluBlocker my knocka, the sun is here to shine
    Swingin a Bat-man, and Rob-in those that are fine

    BACKDRAFT! Engine engine number seventeen
    Mic the gasoline to pass the team and lead us to the finish line
    On a domination tip, cause you tried livin mine
    Give it time

    When you get sprayed with muderous rhymes
    I burn the world
    Like rims on cars, rooftoppin with Tupac
    My havoc jam traffic leavin thoughts gridlocked, for two blocks
    For twenty-two blocks, stomp a mile in those shoes
    I step in walkin on lava, and STILL runnin through crews

    Bashin crews and fools
    Get summoned to hear my sermon
    Servin love slaves, til the mind blur flutter flows, the giz be squirtin
    merchants with the force of my mathematics advatange
    Too drastic, it's flowin enormous like the ?

    BACKDRAFT! MC's try to mess with deez
    Talk they yack around my farm and shakin up my trees
    Human please, I sneeze on your props and cheese
    It's the dirty rat's trap with raps that ease

    Pussycats leave!
    With coordination like masturbation
    Givin birth to styles and flows, with artificial insemination
    Crew penetration, I make you climax
    You see me, comin in 3-D, like you in Imax

    Now this be rated PG, for Perfect Grammar I be sentencin
    Street speakin, incredible heat-seakin
    Disintegratin rap groups in high priced attired (AHH)
    Extinguisher, fireman now puttin out the fire
    We takes it higher


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