The Futureheads Back to the Sea Lyrics

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Did you stop to think, when we moved by the sea?
When the seasons changed
(When the seasons changed)
They changed for a reason,
I'm not talking lightly, I don't need to set the scene
We're living in it
(We're living in it)
It's in everything we see

I won't go back to the sea
Whatever's pulling you isn't pulling me
I won't go back to the sea

Did you really think, that this is what we need?
Well I'm dragging my feet
(Avoiding sleep)
Trying to make you see
It's reached the situation where it's the job or me
It's the job or me

If you're asking me, then the job is part of me


It's not what you put in
But what you take away
The least you're counting on (ahhhh)
Now that you're counting down the days
You've taken opportunities (ahhhh)
Received nothing in return
This place that you call paradise (ahhhh)
Will teach you a lesson you deserve

[Chorus x2]

Written by: Barry Hyde, David Craig, David Hyde, Ross Millard
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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