Lil’ O Back Back Lyrics

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Back Back Back Back gimme 50 feet
Or I'ma grab the gat and hit a ***** with the heat
Back Back Back Back gimme 50 feet
Don't try to gimme dap ***** you ain't no kin to me
Back Back Back Back gimme 50 feet
Cause you catch a slap if keep on grillin' me
Back Back Back Back gimme 50 feet
Gimme 50 feet Gimme 50 feet

[Verse 1]
Hey here's a little story 'bout a ***** like me
I **** bad broads live large and drive V's
Some say I'm cocky and rude I might be
But ***** **** you, you ain't got to like me
I'm at the bar taking sips of long island ice tea
Wrist looking' blue or icy I'm pricey
***** *****s mean mugging' and starin' all shiesty
Don't make me pepper spray your face have you lookin' all spicy
Cause I know you *****s hatin' and want to fight me
Thinking I'm all Hollywood like Spike Lee
Thinking I'ma steal you and **** up your white T
When I catch you in your jaw I'ma **** up your white teeth
But ***** I be ready to scuffle like dice peat
And ya'll walkin' outta this tussle ain't likely
I hope you boys ready to rumble I'm quite deep
And I ain't friendly but I'ma tell you politely

[Verse 2]
Say I'm the type of cat when I pull up in the place
you hatas like a blow job put it in they face
I buy the goochie shoes matching belt lookin' great
Dubs sounding cool you can tell I'm pushin' weights
Courtier full of flakes snow storms in the peaks
Hoe taming ***** keep my ***** on a leash
You the typa cat that'll chase a chick for weeks
Then try to box a ***** when you hear he hit your freak
But playa don't you know you outta line that **** is weak
And fig
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