Virgo Baby Doll Lyrics

Virgo Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 To Be
  • 2 Crazy Me?
  • 3 Take Me Home
  • 4 Baby Doll
  • 5 No Need to Have an Answer
  • 6 Discovery
  • 7 Streets of Babylon
  • 8 River
  • 9 Blowing Away
  • 10 I Want You to Know
  • 11 Fiction
  • A place to lay your soul
    It seems to me when you raise your head
    I see these eyes of stone
    What can I do?

    Could you tell what you really think?
    Could you light this fire?
    Do you need my helping hand?
    Do you believe in desire?

    You find a way to push me down
    You bend my nerves,
    To be around with you

    Cant' you see - I'm not your baby doll
    Cant' you see - I'm not your baby doll

    Homeward bound to anywhere
    Nothing ever lasts
    You take your place, cause you have nowhere
    To go without a task

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