Fake? Baby Blue And The Two Headed Monster Lyrics

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I was walking through the empty city streets next to you
The night was glowing with the stars that seemed to sparkle all for you
See the angels that gather round
Singing soft little tunes as they climb inside of you
Oh and hold onto you
They can see that you hurt inside
Though you try hard to hide
It comes through into view
Baby blue
Take it...

I was watching as your eyes shined in the moonlight gentle glow
And I've been searching such a long time for a woman just like you
In an ocean so precious, I let your rose petal waves come and sway me
Hypnotize me like a fool
Gentle flames have been burning me
So don't mess me no more
Come on over
Let me hold you baby blue
Oh take it...

Drown out your love talkin', girl
Oh get off of me now
Thanks for the memories
But now I'm going to sleep, ho
Still got your taste in my mouth
I need to rinse it all out
And by the time I get back
You better be gone
Who do you think that you are?
Some kind of princess or what?
Why don't you get dressed
'Cause I'm going to sleep yo
Woman I think you're confused
I only wanted to screw
You're not my type, so babe I'll see you around

I only wanted to fuck you baby
I only wanted to fuck you baby
Wanted a fuck, baby...uuuhhh

My baby blue
I'm so in love with all that you do
Oh my sweetness
And our love will bloom in my room
But only with you
You know that it's true

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