Babies-Bite-Back-lyrics-TISM/B4D24CD0D4DB47F8482572DC0010A4B6Babies-Bite-Back-lyrics-TISM/B4D24CD0D4DB47F8482572DC0010A4B6Babies-Bite-Back-lyrics-TISM/B4D24CD0D4DB47F8482572DC0010A4B6Babies-Bite-Back-lyrics-TISM/B4D24CD0D4DB47F8482572DC0010A4B6 TISM Lyrics

TISM Lyrics

You squash them with tender loving care
You raise them to your inhibitions
And drown them in gin.

But don't turn your back now
Keep your wide eyes peeled
Because when you least expect it
Babies bite back.

What once was an elephant
Is now a set of killing teeth.

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