Obie Trice BME Up Lyrics

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Nigga we up, we don't give a fuck
We gon' keep holding this shit down
Nigga raise up, you can get bucked
Gangstas around
Got the world in a flux, all on the nuts
You can't stop us now
This where the riders at
'Till we posted up somewhere beneath the ground

[Verse 1]
BME, trust the truth's in the booth
He don't take a hit to let 'em know I'm bulletproof
Rest in peace Proof, this is no truce
This is hood music brought directly to you
Mac-11 in the Chevy with a nigga or two
Ready for whatever, we cuckoo, loose screw
Used to bungalows juicing up fiends
Just to ride 'round in the new school
Come from basehead rentals, same faces, no dental
Claiming they gon' pay incidentals
Give a fiend a break, he see God all in ya
Then he run game 'till your change all minimal
Pinning them predicaments to live that life
I been spending Benjamins since the early '90s
Now BME is where a nigga can find me
Still on the grind nigga still getting mine


[Verse 2]
Niggas, I done been around the world and back
Ask about Trice, ain't shit fucking with that
BME said "Get 'em", Obie did exact
Straight from the trap to the mo'fucking map
Young nigga, star, do this, car
Louis, where a nigga murder a track
Hurdle over snares and claps
So verbal, had to dumb it down so your ears adapt
Now it's Money in the Bank, Lil' Scrap's pappy
'Preme in the tank, ain't a vehic' could pass me
Ask BME how a nigga from Craft be
Nasty, K covered up in the back seat
Any melee coming at me - death day
Pastor be speaking to your fam-lay
G shit, I'mma rap 'till my sun set
'cept sun's up, BME what?


[Verse 3]
Nigga I don't slip, handle 'em, rap's Rip Hamilton
All in his mansion, gambling
Alls I'm trying to do is match 'em, rapping
Get a couple chicks, I'm rambling, stab 'em
Take 'em to the crib where it's magnum, madness
Mashing, ass, as if, you ain't know the half
It's BME, that's the mo'fucking staff
Now I represent on they behalf - yes



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