Glenn Hughes Blue Jade Lyrics

She wears a blood red rose
Her face she never shows
through the doorway, to the window
In the light
A vision in a dream
And I don't know what it means
Is it my imagination or is it you?

Blue Jade comes to my room
She won't go
Gold shade covers the moon
And I don't know, about Blue Jade

Is it fate or destiny?
Only she does hold the key
Fallen angel, I am driven to your side
From the moment you are here
I'm a man without a fear
You're the reason, my religion, you're my guide

And when she comes to me
Lord I never want to be
Broken-hearted, disillusioned by her smile
And I know it just can't be
When I hear your symphony
Am I sleeping, is this really in my mind?
I can feel and I can see
Everytime she comes to me
I just can't believe that you're my life
Addiction Track Listing
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  • 2 Down
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  • 4 Madeleine
  • 5 Talk About It
  • 6 I'm Not Your Slave
  • 7 Cover Me
  • 8 Blue Jade
  • 9 Justified Man
  • 10 I Don't Want to Live That Way Again
  • 11 Way Back to the Bone (live)
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