Uriah Heep Bird of Prey Lyrics

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I can see that look that says beware
Try to move in closer if you dare
So I must sit and play
My waiting game
And for a while I know
She'll do the same
Fly away

Watches like an eagle from its eyrie
And like a bird of prey
She captures me
But I am older and
More wise than you
Bird of prey
Straight into me you flew
Fly away

Now every time I tried to set her free
I'm glad to say she comes
Right back to me
But if I knew she didn't want to stay
I wouldn't try to keep that
Lovely bird of prey

Written by: Nicolas Patrick Camus, Manuel Laisne, Johann Eric Daniel Delaunay, Charley Pierre Bernard Gibot, Gaspard Francois Jean Mace
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, SONGS MUSIC PUBLISHING

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