Nocturnal Rites Awakening Lyrics

New World Messiah Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 New World Messiah
  • 2 Against the World
  • 3 Avalon
  • 4 Awakening
  • 5 Egyptica
  • 6 Break Away
  • 7 End of Days
  • 8 The Flame Will Never Die
  • 9 One Nation
  • 10 Nightmare
  • 11 The Iron Force (2002 version)
  • Awakening

    I'll end my journey here
    Because time and tide it waits for no man
    There's something strange in me
    I see the things that should not be
    It's all a mindless game
    Trapped inside the walls I built
    Try to pull them down
    But something stops me

    Then the feeling comes alive
    I can't hold it any more
    Enemy... Is it you

    End of the line, walking alone
    In this world of my own
    Demons of guilt, battle to win
    This is my awakening

    There's no turning back
    There's nothing to awaken me
    Insanity my friend
    I can feel your gripping hand
    To roam the earth alive
    But feel as if you're dead and dreaming
    Try to break away, but nothing helps me

    Written by: Johan Folke Norberg, Meja Anna Pernilla Beckman
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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