Dusk Await Lyrics

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Whatever in this world you are going to find.
It's going to go, and you're going to stay behind.
You search for lust, or you crave desire,
He shall come and take you, in fire.

Your life will never, stay forever.
Wait. Await thy death.
Wait. Await thy doom tonight.

If your aim is to be evil, your choice is to be burnt.
If your intension is to murder, your fate is to be hunted.
They cry, they weep and pray for mercy.
But all they get is a desire of relief.
Your waste your life in lust of power.
But the one you forget does not forget you.
The silence sequel;
Wait, await your final slumber.
Wait for your final destiny.
Your unfortunate lies will mate with your soul tonight.
That is your final darkness.
That is your final destiny.

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CD 1
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  • 4 Await
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