Avias Avias's Wrath Lyrics

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No matter how many tracks yall drop
Yall still can't see me
I'm soaring in your thoughts like wind to a frisbee
A frisbee so high like your dreams in your head
Yall said yall wanted bars I gave my imagination instead

My imagination instead (4X's)
I gave my imagination instead
My imagination instead
I gave my imagination instead
Okay, I jump off in my ride looking clean petal to the metal
I crank my ride up moving to the next level
I'm heading to the club call it next level
You other rappers suck I'm on the next level
I'm moving so fast keep trashing yall lines
The more you write the more I bury them like metal loews shovel
I'm looking in my rear view know I aint blind
Enemies speeding up um like where you want to settle
To the next level better yet the next subject
I'm balling sky high yall niggaz balling on a budget
On my way to a club scene in lakeland
Imagine me miami scene I know yall really would be hating
So I'm on the dancefloor, no need to question why yall poor
Yall hating, never rating, yall gets no love but I got more
Um stepping from the music when I return I'm gone drop four
Amazing tracks, ready for stacks, rappers top that, an open door
(Lets go)
Certain scenarios in life I've learned I have no control over
Why he do this why she did that it's karma thas taking over
So I do not seek revenge but I look up to sky, just left my home

Um all alone thoughts asking lord, god why? no need to cry
So I just sigh let worrys die um ready for victory jot me down
Best rapper around put me in a book of history where I come up
With this all yo still remains a mystery a mastermind reeling n dimes
You rapping lines "yo you kidding me"

When it's all said and done, I'm a rapper not for fame
Yall making tracks, talking bout stacks, yo that's a shame
I'm just trying to make tracks yo to change up the game
Yall washing kids brain got them robbing so lame
I'm aware conciously of what I put on paper
Omniscient being up above yall got payback later
And I see myself moving up to something greater
So I charge it to the game, keep loving all my haters

You yo heard me I said " I love all my haterz"

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