Zebrahead Automatic Lyrics

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We're automatic tonight
There's no going back
We came to join in the fight
We're not alone
We're automatic tonight
There's no looking back
We came to put out the lights
We're not alone tonight

We won't stop.
Gonna crush the day
Take any cheap shot
Thrown our way
Get high on top
Of the world at bay
And we're never coming down, never coming down, never!

So we'll bleed on through and suffer the bruises
Take all the blame but no excuses
First one to blink is the first that loses
So we're never looking down, never looking down, never!


We're Automatic!

It's a heart break,
But it won't be long
Like an earthquake,
We kick it strong
Make your world shake
Cross the line that's drawn
And we're never looking back, never looking back, never!

So we'll lick our wounds, rise from the ashes
Kick down the door and break the latches
Gasoline dreams so we strike with matches
So we're never giving up, never giving up, never!


We're automatic like an addict passin' out on the lawn
When we're chargin' into battle like Genghis Khan
And you're god d___ right we'll prove you wrong
This block, this city, is where we belong!


We're automatic tonight!

We're automatic tonight! Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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