Lagwagon Automatic Lyrics

Resolve Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Heartbreaking Music
  • 2 Automatic
  • 3 Resolve
  • 4 Virus
  • 5 Runs in the Family
  • 6 The Contortionist
  • 7 Sad Astronaut
  • 8 Rager
  • 9 The Worst
  • 10 Creepy
  • 11 Infectious
  • 12 Days of New / [untitled]
  • wash your hair, bleach your teeth
    Develop habit,

    Compromise, build a bridge,
    Sacrifice, sacrilege
    Sell yourself,

    Nobody out there knows
    None of them have intent
    Pretension and purpose
    Fashioned in plastic heads
    Everyone drives all day
    None of them have a goal
    Everyone lost their way
    All of them play the game

    Set a goal
    Make it happen
    Imagine love
    Fake a passion
    Change your name
    Stay in fashion
    Make a deal
    Make it happen
    Compromise, build a bridge
    Sacrifice, sacrilege

    Same cars
    Same clothes
    Same desires
    Same woes
    Lose it all

    Nobody out there feels
    None of them sees the end
    Pretension and purpose
    Fashioning in plastic heads
    Everyone drives all day
    Searching their empty hearts
    Everyone's lost their way
    All of us fall apart


    Written by: William David South, Brendon Arthur James, Thomas William George Welham, Adam Michael Wilson
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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