Earl Thomas Conley Attracted to Pain Lyrics

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In solemn response, to your wishes and wants
I stand with my heart in my hands
Though the courage it takes to live with mistakes
Makes me feel less than a man
Because girl you're the beat that robs me of sleep
By keeping my face in the rain
But how can I rest, when your love's the test
That leaves me with no one to blame
And proves I'm attracted to pain

Unintentional pain
Like a continual rain that's falling
Down on me

So with helpless consent I pay for the rent
On a room where we hide in the dark
From a woman and child whose love is on trial
By a man who once swore on his heart
That only in death would they part

But unintentional pain keeps calling
Like a continual rain that's falling
Down on me
Down on me
Down on me
Down on me
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  • Written by: Earl Thomas Conley, Randy Scruggs
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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