On Thorns I Lay Atlantis I Lyrics

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Atlantis Once upon a time, what I saw,
Brought me despair, cause surrounding me,
There where, only blue waters...

Waves dancing and shining
In the cool breeze...

Atlantis on the bottom of the ocean,
Unexpressed eyes, my eyes...

I heard them awakening,
They were distant straggled voices,
I think I was alive
But the vision of them
Will follow me forever...


I was overwhelmed by a sad
And unfortunate feeling,
An impression that my soul was conquered by
The darkness...

Once a slipt, with a ship
Into a dark see
Whilst a shyttle rain,
I reached deep,
Under the earth (into a different world)...

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CD 1
  • 1 Atlantis I
  • 2 The Song of the Sea
  • 3 Oceans
  • 4 In Heaven’s Island
  • 5 Atlantis II
  • 6 Atlantis III
  • 7 If I Could Fly
  • 8 Aura
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