Infected Mushroom Artillery Lyrics

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The three dimensional professional projection are speculate light
Connected been selection air tight
The isolated this assistive victory stimulated
Their not simulated, patterns of flight originated
Got my carnival on a tour of duty
My band brother to pull medal jackets establish cruelty
Black magic contra attack through the monitor
Destruction of assumption - one thing I can promise ya
It patches out, cold, sharp as glass
Ritualistic annihilators murdering your cast
The future only passed, the last, the feel
The seven seal broken in half server monies real
Become obsolete, I'm strong for my beat
Destroying minded individuals delivering the fee
Blood vive is in the street, heat flowing or retreat
Deep omens keep opponents speech stemmed into peak
Your opening the doors to the corridors stretching to the left
Rain in my eyes, but the truth is on my chest
I'm just a man who want some vengeance, I confess
I am full of rage and sin, locked inside this cage again
Where evil rains and people like to win
And makes you sleep but we won't like to end
So we shine brightly from the light within
Locked inside this cage again (x4)
Turn the music up a bit...
Yo, yo...
Dark secrets dements with the conscience
I'm the lone ranger looking for Pocahontas
Teenage zombies flying to be,
I'm dieing to learn what I'm trying to be
Go back these stairs in a tube so have it
The youth of my group is the truth - so have it
Keep myself cooked up, be cooked quickly
Face still hurts but the kit stick with me
Death felt as far as we go,
Crazy face still not start the show
I appreciate the chance to hurt, I'll kill you
Ice put into your neck, I will do anything
Talk to you like I might care, anything
Revel by the nightmare, moon shine is still airy
Back roads are filling me
Military start at the par with artillery
With artillery (x14)
With Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta Ta...
Locked inside this cage again (x4)
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