Ransom Arson Lyrics

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This streed annoyes me keen nigga
Time caufling and tell me I hate his cord
He's jeaulous because my rings are biggest, so mai raing finger
Even ceased and told me I'm signified
I'd never giving a ring would yea
Is pain click ah, prison in dead my sort shurf
This melo rosee in the end while I still burn
Never thought I will see a rapper and lose scarts
And to be honest my nigga I'm just a little hurt
Damn, the alternative mercerly is burned murder risk
Niggas can't breaks slippin on hard surficcism
44 cally, calling the gard broken wilderness
You saw my flows I use em of all purposes
They think are calley, but I mix drinks
I scream when I'm willing best well on me and I stand sally
Abstract gaf fustrated I bring pally
Used to be that nigga my friends scrept ody
Cut demograifc shout outs and close caskey
Yamping no further I'm gropping all bastin
The flow asked that nigga's part of me
I'm still in the trap like tyga apart tree
And find there my scars deep, deepest the ocean flows
I'm seeing through the eyes of a nigga that smocking roll
My speed like a broken jaw, opposite the other dogs
The boss carries more cafeine no more coffee shots
But travelling rush, tending a boss,
Hate this down, stand this fate and put many his cars
These slow holding like many his scars
Take it back to the early years alittle jeep at my cop
I smile when I hold a nigga
Before you see a big saller of weather my own gherilla
I can find bothered in the heart of these killers
The orifice is pretty big but remember this soul is biggest.

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