Sarcófago Army of the Damned (The Prozac's Generation) Lyrics

The Worst Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The End (intro)
  • 2 The Worst
  • 3 Army of the Damned (The Prozac's Generation)
  • 4 God Bless the Whores
  • 5 Plunged in Blood
  • 6 Satanic Lust
  • 7 The Necrophiliac
  • 8 Shave Your Head
  • 9 Purification Process
  • Sometimes you think that your life is sick
    And everything is going bad
    You can't support the pression in your head
    There is clouds of tormentsin your heart
    Let me say something:
    You are not alone in this journey
    We can easily understand your laments
    'cause we are brothers in suffering

    We are army of the damned
    Corpses without a soul...
    Creatures from the land
    Devil's toys in this world

    Army of the damned
    The prozac's generation

    You have no sense of what to do now
    Regretfull of what you've done in the past
    Afraid of what is waiting for you tomorrow
    Suicide (choice) always seem to be the best

    Army of the damned

    The hate came from inside
    And your soul is burning of wrath
    You can't describe your feelings
    The pain will never stop
    Ciclic waves of anger
    You lost all the control
    It is time to crush some bones
    Start to kill them all
    A war inside your head
    A storm smashing your soul
    You will fight until your death
    The genocide must be won
    Can you see how stupid was your life?
    Pleasure, moneyand everything just will take you to death
    Came on take another pill, drink another bottle
    The doors are open for your eternal and last drink

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