Mack 10 Armed and Dangerous Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
I strong arm like a bully, caught a case with a fully
Fresh out of Y.A. for jackin' my way
Before the ya for the loot nigga used to slang loop
Yeap I still got birds but they in my pigeon coop
Woop, that's where is at it's like that as they tumble
Niggas like to rumble in the concrete jungle
From the West to the East it don't cease
24 and some more I gotta tote my peace
I don't trip, fill up my clip, gat on my hip
Nigga slip, give up yo' grip, don't make me chip
That ass off fool, I'll blast off any second
I'm only into teckin' I don't do no chin checkin'
So break yourself or feel the wrath of a psychopath
If I blast all I find I get to have
And it's like that and ain't no tamin' this
Nutty ass nigga 'cause I'm armed and dangerous

[Chorus (Scratches)]
'Cause I rather stick 'em up
Mack 10, nigga
'Cause I rather stick 'em up
Mack 10
'Cause I rather stick 'em up

[Verse 2]
Who is you nigga, lettin' your pants sag
Spottin' that rag on the fresh motomags
Kickin', you picked the wrong corner to bend
What hood you think you in, nigga come of that Schwinn
Give it up can't shake it I take it like the Repo
Plus I got a sale for the alloy seat pole
You slipped, now stumble, no time to mumble
Fumble, cough it up, in a rumble I toss it up
So when you check mine you gotta respect mine
Or let Mack 10 introduce you to Tech 9
Set up, get wet up, I'm sick like Ozzy
Make bullets dive in ya like they straight kamikaze
So come through slippin' and you gotta see these
Got stripes up to here plus I run the BGs
'Cause I'm only thirteen and I'm already claimin' this
West side for life nigga, armed and dangerous

And you know that
And you know that

[Verse 3]
Red rums in the slums that we call the ghetto
Keep my clip to the tip, fill with the full meadow
Jackets, I pack it in trust niggas bust
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
I keep my gun up when I run up, I got no time to waste
I put the cannon to yo' face, I want the cavey and the safe
Ran all through the spot a nigga found three guns
And got away with two chickens and a bag full of ones
So recognize game, be careful what you throw up
Nigga, never fill up my clients pipes with that blow up
Don't want to get started with the hardest and the smartest
Neighbourhood motherfuckin' 2/11 artist
So all through the turf Lil Gs wanna be me
And busters start runnin' when they see me in my Beeny
Mack 10 is the name, no shame only fame in this
Always down to blast 'cause I'm armed and dangerous

Mack 10, nigga
'Cause I rather stick 'em up
Mack 10
'Cause I rather stick 'em up
'Cause I rather stick 'em up
Mack 10, nigga

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