Tech N9ne feat. 816 Boyz Areola Lyrics

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816 Boyyyyz! Come on!

[Verse 1: Krizz Kaliko]
She told me to hit it and split it and get up off her
(Ease back) just a little softer
I'm the one that be drivin' them crazy, out of their brains
So give me a peak of your areola out of your Hanes
Cause she got thighs on her, look at the size on her
Big ol' shake like she need fries on her
Wanna see ya in ya boustier (Swoop ya)
See ya in a group and say, "Hey!"
Areola, stick 'em out
Don't know what I'm talkin' 'bout
That circle around the skittle
In the middle you put in your mouth
But I love ya, baby (Hell naw!)
Titties, If they big or small
That's what I'm talkin' 'bout
Now turn around and pull them out your bra

Oooh (Areola!), Oooh (Areola!), Oooh (Areola!)
That shirt came off and showed a...
Oooh (Areola!), Oooh (Areola!), Oooh (Areola!)
That shirt came off, that bra came off that... Oooh

[Verse 2: Kutt Calhoun]
Seen her lookin prettier than Vogue
Tooken over by an unadulterated player
Way to get up in the middle
Till I pan up at them jugs
Now I'm thinkin about the little bitty circles
Decorated all around the nipple
With that badonk, it come with those tig ol' big o's
You see your firm breasticles
I got a big ol' buddy inside of my skimmies, you need
Just thought that I would let you know
So if you want to
I can give you what you need
Just as long as you let me
Suck and touch on those titties, baby
I think that I am in love
With what's put on these hooters
816, M-I-D-Dub
F-Y-I in the future


[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Baby girl, I wanna see with the top off
Take the Vickie shit off
You know it popped off her
Now I know she ready to get it knocked off
Kissed the areola and she said that it's gon' cost ya
I ain't givin up the money, you know it
I'm a certified playa and I'm sumthin like a pimp
Ask ya mama
She could tell ya that Tecca N9na's a bonafide layer
Get ya walkin with a limp
And you know it got tore owa-owa up
Tecca N9na hit and it swole owa-owa up
Never owa dove for the owa-owa butt
Owa Yo, don't you know I'm a owa-owa nut?
I made a song about your areola
Go on and let ya bra fall right off ya shoulders
If you ain't got no titties, baby
You better hold up

(What is an areola?)

[Bridge: Makzilla]
It's the area around the nipple
Ya boy Makzilla made this official
Boy don't trip, don't pull your pistol
Know what I'm sayin? Uh huh


Yeah, 816 Boys
Grammy award winners
Come on, come on

Go on, Pop out them areola's (8X)

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