DAY26 Are We in This Together Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Qwanell]
They say that true love is so hard to find (find)
Well I'm gonna take my time
And I, ain't gonna rush into something
To get left with nothing again
That's what I said before
Until I opened up that door
Let you in, and left my heart wide open
And now I'm just hopin'

Would you live for me
Now shawty tell me would you die for me (die for me)
Are we in this together (come and tell me)
Are we in this together (tell me)
If I was locked out with no money
Would you hold it down for me
I just gotta know for sure
Are we in this together
Are we in this together
Tell me

[Verse 2: Robert]
If bein' in love with you was such a drive
And I needed a place to hide
And there's no time, and I needed to get away driver
Could you find it inside of your heart
Cause I do the same for you
There ain't no tellin' what love can do
If it's true, you got my heart wide open
That's why I'm hopin'...


[Bridge: Big Mike]
(Oh girl I hope you want to stay)
And I hope you're listenin'
(Placing that rock on your finger girl)
Oh that's my mission
(you'll never catch me in the club)
Straight slippin' slippin'
(Unless I'm sippin' on some bud)
Well you know that's different
(This kinda love) can't be defined
Just know that I'm right behind you baby
(Anybody who says I'm not sounds crazy to me)
Hey, just say you're with me
All I wanna know is would you live...

[Chorus: Big Mike & Brian x2]

Written by: Aion Clarke, Aion David Clarke, Bryan Michael Cox, Bryan Michael Paul Cox
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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