Jairus Ara Pacis Lyrics

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full of august promises and september curses
and helping your hands with wayward stabbings
flick throw these matches ill ignite and rise
to dress you in flames and reel around your ashes
in cowardice speak her name tear this writing from this page
and watch me claim this crime
bring gasolline ill do the murders

The Need to Change the Mapmaker Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Lucco Sleeps on Screen
  • 2 Sidewalk Dances
  • 3 And Caligula Blushed
  • 4 Cut the Six Minute Caller
  • 5 Our Modern Red, Selfless
  • 6 Abandons the Exterior Look
  • 7 Wilomina-Theodoseus-Hangs
  • 8 Spindley
  • 9 Street Lights Point the Way
  • 10 Ara Pacis
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