EPMD Apollo Interlude Lyrics

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[E] In back of the Apollo the episode
[E] Yo P check this yo

[P] Yo what?

[E] I bugged one of the rooms in the Apollo yeah word up
Yeah c'mon keep it movin keep it movin

[P] Word?

[E] Nah I'm sayin so and so's room ya know what I'm sayin' P?
[E] Tryin to say somethin *****z be playa hatin

[P] True

[E] Let's hear what they talkin about
Yo P c'mon!
[E] Aight let's go to the back let's go in the car
Foxy Brown up next, Foxy Brown up next

[P] Yo yo whattup?

[E] Hold up, where my key at?
[E] Hey whassup y'all? Peace peace yo whassup?
Yo whattup son?
[E] Check it out
"You saw that ****? You saw that *****z show?
Aww, whoa
*****z talkin about the stinkiest ****
They bring on that ****
Wha-hoahh, man, God to what?
You gotta admit B, the ************s tore the ****in house down
I got the ****in album B!
I ain't gon front on the ****, **** em, know what I'm sayin'?
Bust on *****z and ****
We gon change the whole era man, we gotta go back man...
Nocturnal yo we got one, we got one..."

Written by: Erick S. Sermon, Parrish J. Smith
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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