Dan Fogelberg Anyway I Love You Lyrics

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Here's another little song for you
Hope you'll listen to it well
Means no different than the others do
It won't change you I can tell

Anyway, I love you
Everyday I get more sure
Anyway, I love you
More and more and more and more and more

I have so much I can offer you
More to please you with than most
But trying to tie you down is harder than trying to hold on to a ghost

[Chorus x 2]

So if you ever feel the need for me, darlin'
Let it carry you along
Don't be shy and try to hold it down
'Cause what you feel just can't be wrong

[Chorus x 2]

More and more and more and more
And more and more and more and more.

Written by: Dan Fogelberg
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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