Public Enemy Anti‐Nigger Machine Lyrics

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When I'm talkin' rhyme time
To blow your mind time some say
It's nothing worse than a verse
To hear some ****** curse
They call me rude some dudes fiery attitude
Claimin' I boast and smoke
And sometimes sing the blues
I twang metal and settle
Try to never back pedal
From the power some got
To get a ****** shot
The null and void I avoid
I test the paranoid
Never had to be bad
My mama raised me mad
So what I got is hot
I love my life a lot
I'm never sad just glad
That's why I thank my dad
Once they never gave a **** about
What I said
Now they listen and they want my head

Instead of peace the police
Just want to wreck and flex
On the kid
What I did was try to be the best
So they fingered the trigger
Figured I was a bigger ******
And started to search
An so I headed west
Went to Cali to rally
Was for a brothers death
It was the fuzz who shot him
An not da blood or 'cause
I wondered why it was like
So I just held my mike
But in my mind I was blind
So I just tried to find
A reason we was quick
Just the way that we was
So I just stayed in the crib
Until I got a buzz

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