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Tammy Wynette Lyrics

Won't ease my memory,
It's killing me now.
And Lord, how I need him here,
Just to feel him near,
And hear him breathing.

The night goes on and on,
Another lonely song, I'm singing.
Lord, don't think bad of me,
Don't get mad at me,
You know I'm weak.

And it couldn't cause a whole lot of harm,
To be in somebody's arms,
'Cause she's in his,
I know she is.
I know she is.
But God, I love him.

And though,
I shouldn't give a damn,
That's the way I am now.
And Lord, yes I stay this way,
I can't play this way,
Just because I'm lonely.

The night goes on and on,
Another lonely song, I'm singing.
Lord, don't look down on me;
Don't frown on me;
Let's just keep talking.

Another lonely song, I'm singing

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