Murs Another Knight (featuring Slug) Lyrics

[Course Murs] X2
could have been a princess, crown out of thorns
pretty little summer dress, fabric is torn
you got my interest and when i see you
i wanna free you, bring you
out of everything, trouble in your life
but its your kingdom, and im just another knight x2

[Verse 1 Slug]
she fell asleep in the passengers seat
so we turned up the music, hit the automatic unlock
tapped the gas, took the corner too fast
put her ass out and left her on that black top
you know that dream you have when youre falling
but you always wake up before you hit the ground
it was like that, except her body went smack
took a minute to figure out what just went down
so she stood up, she brushed herself off
she hurt, but nothing felt broke
she gave a little laugh because gods a comedian
always surrounding her with all these jokes
she looked around, she knew where she was
walked a few blocks and hopped on a bus
went back to that street that they nicknamed hell
to go manifest a couple more stories to tell
and i still cant figure out why she aint figured out
a better way for her to use that cute little mouth
between the jons and the jakes
how long will it take for her to clean her front lawn of these snakes
anyone of us could have loved her
anyone of us could have been her father or her older brother
hold her, until she discovers the light
besides the one at the end of a tunnel, another knight

[Coruse] X2

[Verse 2 Murs]
Her name was Idola, she worked ?
Small little town below the border called Novala
She spoke little English but overall the music
Just a simple sins became hard to distinguish
So we got a private room where our conversation gloom
Beyond pillow talk, told me I'm the one you rode
And that soon would get to talking, of course me too
Was gonna be bilingual but growin up there
He didn't stand a single chance to advance
So she hoped to meet a gringo
That would be down to marry her
He didn't have to care for her
Could do anything but beat her
And she keep the house clean
And make sure he had comida
All he had to do was make believers of La Migra
Then she filed for divorce and set off on the course
Then he could step back into the joy of being single
I chose to interrupt, cleared my throat spoke up
I wish I could help you but you see I'm not a gringo
She laughed, I know you're not white
But you might know somebody
So she gave a website
She said I'm number 37, I could make it happen quick
I already have a reverend that's prepared today
Then the tears came, wiped her eyes apologized
And said it wasn't pain
There wasn't much time before her kid was old enough to understand
Then she ?

[Course] 2X

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