The Avett Brothers Another Is Waiting Lyrics

Magpie and the Dandelion Track Listing
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  • 1 Open Ended Life
  • 2 Morning Song
  • 3 Never Been Alive
  • 4 Another Is Waiting
  • 5 Bring Your Love to Me
  • 6 Good to You
  • 7 Apart From Me
  • 8 Skin and Bones
  • 9 Souls Like the Wheels
  • 10 Vanity
  • 11 The Clearness Is Gone
  • 12 Vanity (demo)
  • 13 Every Morning Song (demo)
  • 14 Another Is Waiting (demo)
  • 15 Bring Your Love (demo)
  • It's a fake, it's a hoax
    It's a nowhere road where no one goes
    Anywhere, anyhow
    Well you're following your heart rate down

    She's a rose, she's a queen
    But she's staring at a magazine
    In the dark, on that path
    Where they doctor every photograph

    Another is waiting
    She isn't saying anything

    If you care, if you like
    Well, I'm standing in the lantern light
    With our weapons and our love
    And I use them both to cover up

    Another is waiting
    She isn't saying anything

    But I love you and I care
    So you've got to get off that conveyor belt
    If I could
    I would come right in and take you off myself

    It's a fake, it's a con
    The nature of the road you're on
    Let me see your skeleton
    Well before your life is done

    [Chorus: x2]
    Another is waiting
    She isn't saying anything

    Written by: Robert William Crawford, Scott Yancey Avett, Timothy Seth Avett

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