Cypress Hill Another Body Drops Lyrics

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You ready holmie?

My first mission runnin' through the head to smoke jack
With memories poppin' in my head recall that

Late night creepin' through the alley with six deuce
Strapped up everybody focused no mixed views

A sawed off pumped in my hand with two shells
The other four holmies on the scene with cocktails
One ***** lookin' for popos and foes hell
Someone lookin' through windows the door bells

Goes off followed by the punk you gas bomb
Adrenaline pumped up still I remain calm

House lit up you could see it for eight blocks
Runnin' through the hood run in front of the fade cops

The game chase but they couldn't cover the streets up
Rolled out ran into the spot to meet up

Strapped down covered up the tracks and back home
Laid low earned me a stripe perfect no

Shoot 'em up
Bang bang
Another body dropped
You can't stop the head nod
Soot 'em up
Bang bang
Another body dropped
You can't stop the hip-hop
Shoot 'em up
Bang bang
Another body dropped
You can't stop the head nod
Shoot 'em up
Bang bang
Another body dropped
You can't stop the gunshots

Yeah I'll hit your block up better lock up
**** the gang and **** don't stop uh

A mad dog with a bob in the reagle
Go into mode and just kill all your people
Coast to coast ain't a ***** more evil
Now made me act a lot and call Sen Diesel

Rock the block with the M one six
.44 mag like a east war fit
This here granadilla break you off right quick
Be prayin' up to Jesus and all that ****

Uh *****s be jackin' when they see my bucket
Roll down they block they hide and say **** it

Come back in form of an ***assin
Three hundred yards with the infrared action

Troop is the layer black Doc Holiday
Cuancho raider the modern day huh


Yeah, now shooting up your town. Them bad *** ***assins, boy. Thought you knew. Check this out, you better be packin', fool. Hyeah.

I manned all missions when I was a youth so thoughtless
G ride no fingerprints it's spotless
Six bows hittin' all the Gs and we got this
Rag top down like a stripper that's topless

See me hittin' the corner you meltdown
Slugs fly thugs die moment ya fell down
Somebody's screamin' you hangin' the hell down
I'm certified ***** when you're sittin' there spellbound
No thoughts barkin' just hearin' the hellhounds
Burn you with the heaters spittin' out twelve rounds

It's life in the hood no escapin' the gunplay
Buy one day I'm out gotta figure out some way
Rats in the park all scatter when guns spray
Got you locked in now where do the slugs stray
I found ways out but the street be one way
Got a dark mind no thoughts blacker than Sunday


Written by: Larry E. Muggerud, Louis M. Freeze, Senen Reyes

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