Living Sacrifice Anorexia Spiritual Lyrics

Living Sacrifice Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Violence
  • 2 Internal Unrest
  • 3 Second Death / Obstruction
  • 4 Walls of Separation
  • 5 Phargx Imas
  • 6 No Grave Concern
  • 7 Dealing With Ignorance
  • 8 The Prodigal
  • 9 Anorexia Spiritual
  • Insufficient supplication communion is abstained
    Weary is the spirit as consideration drains
    The duty of seeking peace is not being pursued
    Plenty was promised agreement misconstrued
    No obedience toward Christ every thought not held captive
    Though possessing unfailing love these ways are disruptive
    Appointed to bring the faith silent with desires
    Unfaithful words oppress what the lord requires
    Plans fail for a lack of council but many have advice
    Resenting their correction exceed boundaries of the wise

    Anorexia spiriatual unnoticed as it seems
    Delivered by an adocate to justify its means
    Walls of protection agreed to be contructed
    Now begin to fall as wisdom is being abducted

    Seeds have been cast falling on unfertile ground
    Tolerating what is what is wrong conflict dies abound
    Up against the knowledge of God arguments and pretension
    Obedience fully secured and complete in submission
    Elude those to assemble no to associate
    Hidden is distress established able to dominate

    Recipient of atrocity misfortune can arrive
    Ushering in the presence only pacifies
    Having the inermost being, subjecting it to starvation
    A return to endurance prompted by this demonstration Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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