Landon Rogers Animalia Lyrics

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A laughable collection
Of your natural selection
A consortium of fools
Another predilection
Is the method of convection
Theory heats and then it cools

The modern man is dying
Aint got no wings no flying
You've got a lot of nerve
Well you just keep denying
The world it keeps dividing
Til we get what we deserve

Until all we are... animals
Educated... criminals
Does my nature undermine
The purpose of design
Has my shore become my sea?
If I seek then will I find
That it's just matter over mind
Or is my nature calling me?

The modern man is laughing
It usually doesn't happen
But tonight anything goes
The audience is clapping
They love it when this happens
Cause tonight everyone knows

That all we are... animals
Educated... criminals

So quit playing russian roulette
It's automatic regret
They wont ever let you forget
Where you started from

I guess all we are... animals
... educated criminals
... domesticated cannibals

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