Angel-With-An-Attitude-lyrics-The-Ditty-Bops/7CA445B651F906384825717E00116D81Angel-With-An-Attitude-lyrics-The-Ditty-Bops/7CA445B651F906384825717E00116D81Angel-With-An-Attitude-lyrics-The-Ditty-Bops/7CA445B651F906384825717E00116D81Angel-With-An-Attitude-lyrics-The-Ditty-Bops/7CA445B651F906384825717E00116D81 The Ditty Bops Lyrics

The Ditty Bops Lyrics

Contrary to popular opinion
The very best things in life are for free
Through a practice that I call donation
I get the things I want quite easily
I got a chip on my shoulder
And a halo on my head
I'm an angel with an attitude
And my favorite color's red
I got god on my side
Who's that? Hell, I don't know
But I practice my religion
While I'm stepping on your toes
Goodness knows
I gave more than I took
Goodness knows
I ain't no saint I ain't no crook
Looking hard, yeah you busy bee
For a simple word you charge a simple fee
It's a little too late for too little
But it's never too late for a lot
It's a little too late for too little
But it's never too late to take 'em for what they got
Feed the world a giant crust of bread
Bake a cake and give it to 'em when they're dead
Well I'll take that cake and I will eat it too
I'll get more than I need so I can share the rest with you

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