Unlord Angel of Fire Lyrics

Lord of Beneath Track Listing
  • 1 Into the Dark Ages
  • 2 Condemned to the Throne of Azrael
  • 3 Force of the Serpent
  • 4 Horsemen Out of the Cold
  • 5 Angel of Fire
  • 6 Lord of Beneath
  • 7 The Plague
  • 8 Begehm Ir Mista Begehm
  • 9 Midnight in Hell
  • 10 Bloodshed
  • 11 Hail Satanas
  • 12 Torch the Bastards
  • 13 Bring Out the Dead

  • Praise the Unlord
    From the earth ascends the creature, surrounded by red strokes of light,
    as the young boy awakens, the beast looked up into the night
    'You are here to serve me' speakes the one in tongues unknown,
    'You are here to be tought, by the serpent hell has spawn'
    Angel of Fire
    The newborn sinks into sleep, for forty days and forty nights,
    as a man he awakens, with the power to kill, the power to fight
    'You have tought me, your serpents tought me, I'll avenge my bloodline,
    for the prince of Evil Blasphemy'
    Angel of Fire

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