Avec Tristesse Angel After Dark Lyrics

How Innocence Dies Track Listing
  • 1 I Am but One
  • 2 All Love Is Gone
  • 3 A View of the End
  • 4 Escapism
  • 5 Through My Eyes
  • 6 Presence Ignored
  • 7 Lost in Your Complexity
  • 8 Of Emotions
  • 9 As Years Pass By
  • 10 Avant les Ténèbres
  • 11 Angel After Dark
  • 12 Skeptical and Gone
  • [l/m:Salles]

    I've lost all of my hope
    You can't say that I haven't tried
    I still feel your love
    This must be all that I've got

    I've learnt so much with you
    I know how I'm gonna take it
    Please don't leave me now
    Hear me, stay a little longer

    After dark you're close to me
    You are an angel as I can see
    Another day by your side
    Is enough for me to die in peace

    I live in sadness
    You are the dark

    I live in sadness
    You are my darkness
    I see you before I die

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