Bad Astronaut Anecdote Lyrics

Acrophobe Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Greg’s Estate
  • 2 Anecdote
  • 3 Grey Suits
  • 4 Quiet
  • 5 500 Miles
  • 6 Needle in the Hay
  • 7 Only Good for a…
  • 8 Deformed
  • 9 Logan’s Run
  • 10 Unlucky Stuntman
  • A thousand indecisions
    launched from the table for one
    lately they've been killing me
    they were left unsung
    I desire stop motion sickness
    the potion in your breath companionment
    abandonment death a thousand insecurities
    dumped forever dumped endeavors
    I抦 awakened by the laugh comfort
    in your sound whatever
    I抦 enamored by your smile
    you put the words right
    into my mouth
    I love my antidote to death almost
    died twice today
    I wait on you to bail me
    like everyone else
    I confess lay my leery head on your chest
    give you everything I never had Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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