Raised Fist And Then They Run Lyrics

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There is a story that I want to tell,
A little story from the inside of hell.
There wasn't anything that she could do.
She was trapped to the **** like glue.
Infuriated by the problems at his work.
That jerk went berserk
And let his anger run the way up her back,
A disgusting attack and then everything went black.

Shut your mouth and feel the pain.
You're a prisoner at your domain.
Where no one can hear you complain
You're locked away in chains and emotions doesn't help you (now).

When he promise it won't be the same.
It takes a couple of days then you feel ashamed again,
But the worst part of the game is to be afraid all the time, in good or bad.
And I feel so sad when he treats you like a punching bag
And your so called friends pretends like they can't see it,
They defend the bastard until the end and when it hurts me
I can only imagine how it hurts you.


And you can't feel free, like me, and you can't run.
And people act like they don't see this
And then they run away from what they can't handle,
But no one thinks about how you handle this.

Written by: Alexander Hagman, Marco Eronen, Andreas Johansson, Dante Anders Holmberg
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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