Gathering Field And I Wanted Lyrics

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I can feel you in the crowded bar room
As I get into my car
Music playing, beads of sweat descending
Down your skin to where your secrets are

And I wanted
To go back in and kiss you
And I wanted
To taste your salty tongue
And I wanted
To feel your body moving
Feel your body move beneath me now
Feel your body move beneath me now

Fruit forbidden, one enchanted moment
Summer night a bit too long ago
You were waiting, he was late as usual
Saw you standing in your Friday clothes

And I wanted...

All my life walked the straight and narrow
Straight and narrow as a circus wire
Best friend's wife, like a poison arrow
Poison arrow filled with pure desire

Feel the chill in the air, feel her raven, black hair
Told you it had to end, can't go back again
But here I go again

Desert highway, wrap your arms around me
Desert moon, the wolves are howling now
Desert wind blow away the veil of reason
Leaving just our two hearts pounding now

And I wanted...

Written by: David P. Brown, Eric H. Riebling, Ray Defade, William Paul Deasy
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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