The Icarus Account Anchors Away Lyrics

I took the skyway on my way into
the windy city
It was the last
time that I remember you calling
to tell me that you missed me

Here is too far from where you are
Cause you have run off
with my heart

I'm drifting
farther away, with every single day
Ive never been this afraid
of losing the memory of your face
For the next three weeks
Ill spend my time hoping that
your still mine
For the next
three weeks Ill say
Anchors away

Everytime I miss you I'm
afraid that you've found someone else
That Every thought Ive
spent on you is another moment
here that Ive lost

You don't
have time to talk
Am I a memory
that you've forgot
What scares me
most is how Ive fallen Ive fall
Ive fallen for you
Hook-line &
sinker to every part of my heart

If I lift up this
anchor it doesn't mean that Ive
given up given up on you
But I just cant stay here waiting for
waiting for this tide to come in
Cause everythings changing
And I feel as if I'm drifting
farther away from you

Well just have to wait and see
We'll just have to wait and see
See if you can rescue me
Are you the only one who can rescue me

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